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9 Black And White Long Haired Dogs (Aug 2022)

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “9 Black And White Long Haired Dogs“.

102 of the most famous dogs in the world are black and white, but they don’t have long hair.

There are 101 Dalmatians and 100 black and white dogs. Snoopy is the hundredth black and white dog.

Don’t let fame get in the way of your goals.

You can still choose a black and white dog with longer hair if you like the color black and white. 

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I will provide an overview of nine breeds ranging in size from a Siberian Husky to a Chihuahua in this article.

A Dachshund has dappled black and white spots on its body, as well as dogs with large black and white patches on their bodies.

Even though black and white won’t make you work harder than if you chose black and tan, the long hair might make you work harder.

Since dogs with long hair tend to create more mess (as the mess has to be vacuumed) and need more work (controlling and taming the coat).

1. Border Collie 

For generations, the English countryside has been home to these medium-sized and long-haired dogs.

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Farmers have found these friendly herders invaluable in managing livestock and as loyal, affectionate, and well-behaved pets as well. 

In general, male Border Collies grow to be between 48 and 56 centimeters tall and weigh between 14 and 20 kilograms.

Between 46 and 53 cm in height, and 12 to 19 kilograms in weight, Border collies reach their full potential as females.

Black fur covers most of their backs, while white and black fur covers their limbs, stomachs, and faces, making these longhaired dogs easily recognizable.

Keeping them in small flats or homes without a garden is not advisable because they require a lot of exercise in large outdoor spaces.

Additionally, they are very intelligent and need a lot of mental stimulation through toys, training, and games. 

Even though these dogs aren’t on farms, they sometimes use their herding instincts elsewhere, such as rounding up other dogs in the park or even herding humans. 

2. Old English Sheep Dog

Old English Sheep Dogs are also black and white-haired herding dogs, but their fur tends to be longer, fluffier, and shaggier.

As well as being larger and more muscular than collie dogs, they are also more intelligent. 

A male can grow to 56 to 61cm in height and a female can grow to 51 to 56cm in height and weigh between 27 and 45kg.

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The long, shaggy, fluffy fur of these cats is patterned with black on the back and white on the face, chest, and lower paws. 

Old English Sheep Dogs, which have been used in the English countryside since the 18th century, is highly intelligent and capable working dogs.

The herding instincts of these longhaired dogs also encourage them to be protective and caring towards every member of the pack.

In addition to being excellent watch or guard dogs, Old English Sheep Dogs also make excellent companion dogs. 

3. Japanese Chin

As a lapdog, these small long-haired black and white pets are very popular in Asia.

They are very friendly and playful animals, making them the ideal pet for a small home or someone who enjoys toy dogs. 

A Japanese Chin’s fur is predominantly white with black spots on its face, ears, and coat.

In order to maintain their white fur’s color, they will need to be cleaned regularly, but fortunately, this breed loves attention!

If you don’t want to have dog hair on your clothes and furniture, their long fur makes them a great option.

Nonetheless, you will have to groom them regularly if you don’t want them to become matted and knotted. 

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When fully grown, Japanese Chins stand nine to ten inches tall and weigh from four to eleven pounds, making them perfect for cuddling and picking up.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is an animal that is slightly larger.

Distinguished by their long, dense coats of fluffy fur, these long-haired black, and white dogs are easy to spot.

Its black and white coat will have a primarily black saddle and white markings on the chest and paws.

In addition, longhaired dogs can also be black, brown, or silver-tipped. 

A medium-sized dog can grow up to 23 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds.

Despite their long fur, they have large muscles and dropped floppy ears. 

A Portuguese Water Dog’s name suggests that they were originally bred to assist Portuguese fishermen by herding fish into nets and aiding in water rescues.

Their smarts, enthusiasm, and ease of training make them easy to train. Also, they enjoy the water, so rivers, ponds, and lakes near them are great places to visit. 

5. Tibetan Terrier

Their thick, long fur and long facial hair make these black and white shaggy terriers easily recognizable.

In addition to being black and white, this breed also contains dogs that are entirely black, white, and brown. There is a double coat of fine hair on top and dense, woolly fur beneath their thick, double coat.

You can imagine how much grooming this breed requires!

The terrier grows to a height of 31 to 46 cm and weighs between 8 and 14 kg, making it a medium-sized breed.

Family environments with lots of companionship and interaction are ideal for these friendly dogs. 

It is essential to exercise these black and white dogs regularly because they have a great deal of energy.

For them to thrive, their owners must pay attention to them frequently and leave them alone for long periods of time.

It is therefore not recommended that you get this breed unless you have the time to devote to it. 

6. Piebald Dachshund

Black and white patterns and black and white dapples are some of the colorings of the Piebald Dachshund. There are usually large white splotches on their black coat. In actuality, Piebald refers to a coat pattern that can also be seen on collies, terriers, and boxers. Over the dog’s body, the markings usually follow a symmetrical pattern from the head to the tail. 

Despite being quite rare, the number of this breed is on the rise due to successful breeding in the US. As they are not accepted under the Kennel Club’s Breed Standard, they are still a relatively rare sight in the UK. There is a recessive gene associated with the white patterning on piebald dachshunds that could lead to a number of health problems. There is a greater chance of health problems in animals with larger white patches. 

A Piebald Dachshund stands between 8 and 9 inches tall and weighs between 16 and 32 pounds at full maturity. Even though there is a mini piebald dachshund variant that will only grow to 6 inches tall!

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7. Long-Haired Chihuahua

It is easy to identify Black and White Long Haired Chihuahuas by their long, fluffy fur and their size. Their weight when adults are between 3 to 6 pounds, making them the world’s smallest breed! In addition to black and white, the breed is available in tan, red, brown, white, cream, and black colors.

This long-haired breed of dog is known for its affectionate and playful nature, as well as its loyalty to its owners. If left to their own devices for too long, these black and white dogs can engage in destructive behavior. It is expected that the breed will live between fifteen and twenty years, which is a very long life expectancy for a breed of its type

In spite of their adorable appearance, they can be quite neurotic and aren’t particularly good with children. They have beautiful, long coats that require regular grooming, but they can become quite neurotic if not groomed regularly. In addition, they are notoriously difficult to housetrain! You should make sure you have the time and energy to devote to these dogs before getting one. 

8. Papillon

A Papillion is a small, elegant lap dog with long, fine fur that comes in black and white, brown, red, and sable colors. The fur on these pets is mostly white, with some patches of black or color appearing on their ears and bodies. 

A distinctive characteristic of these little dogs is their high ears with long, fine fur dropping down in a winglike shape. They were originally bred in Belgium and France. In addition, they have beautiful long, fluffy tails that require lots of grooming to prevent tangles and matting. The animals grow to a height of around 8 to 11 inches and weigh between 7 and 9 pounds. 

Although these small dogs are beautiful, they are very energetic, so they need lots of exercise and stimulation to keep them happy, so they will need plenty of walks in between lap dog sessions. 

9. Siberian Husky

There is no doubt that Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds, renowned for their intelligence and attractive appearance. A long-haired black and white dog, with thick, fluffy fur that was perfect for cold weather, originated in Russia, Asia, and Eastern Europe. 

Some black and white huskies have a black back saddle with a white stomach and chest, while others have piebald patterning or white with black patches on their eyes and ears. Besides having long hair, these dogs have white, brown, and sable fur colors.

Despite their thick fur, Siberian Huskies can also be quite comfortable in more temperate weather, in contrast to other types of Huskies which struggle during the summer. Although Huskies can be jumpy and reticent when it comes to strangers, they are very loyal pets. In order to keep their coats in good condition, these long-haired breeds require frequent grooming and a lot of exercises. 

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