Can Dogs Eat Asian Pears?

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Asian Pears?“.

The food our dogs consume should not only be fun for them but should also nourish them. 

It is always advisable to research dog food thoroughly before you give it to your pet, as we never want to put them in harm’s way. 

Asian pears are the topic of today’s debate, and whether dogs can or should eat them.

Let’s begin without further ado…

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Can Dogs Eat Asian Pears? Can Dogs Have Asian Pears?

Asian pears can be eaten by dogs in moderation. 

It’s just important to prepare the pears properly so that your dog gets the best experience, and as long as you follow those instructions then Asian pears are an excellent treat for your dog. 

In case you’re anything like me, you don’t want the short answer, so let’s talk about some of the details. 

What is an Asian pear? 

Asian pears may seem foreign to you, and you may wonder what they actually are, and how they differ from regular pears (don’t worry, we’ll discuss some of them later). 

However, returning to the question at hand, an Asian pear is an apple-shaped fruit native to Japan and China, though it is also cultivated in Australia and New Zealand. 

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Thousands of varieties exist of the Asian pearKnown for their crisp, juicy texture and refreshing flavor, Asian pears are renowned for their distinctive crisp and juicy texture.. 

Known for their crisp, juicy texture and refreshing flavor, Asian pears are renowned for their distinctive crisp and juicy texture. 

There are many types of pears, but many of these pears came from western China and were modified along the way. 

Bartlett pears are one of the most famous examples of these pears. 

When they reached Korea and Japan, other pears started to become more apple-like in shape and crispier in texture. 

In the past, Asian pears were only available to royalty and other wealthy people, but nowadays, anyone can enjoy them. 

In Asia, they are the most popular fruit, and they are becoming more popular all around the world. 

Can Dogs Eat Bartlett Pears? Asian pear vs pear Which has more nutrition? 

In this section, let’s compare the nutritional differences between the Asian pear and the Bartlett pear since the Bartlett pear is what most of us picture when we think of a “traditional” pear. 

Asian pears would win this comparison as the most nutrient-dense fruit. 

If we measure by 100 grams then we’d see that per 100g Asian pears have 33.33% more magnesium, 28.21% more protein, 16.13% more dietary fiber, 4.88% higher water content, 43.75% more lipids, 25% more leucine, and just over one and half times more manganese, and 27.24% fewer sugars than Bartlett pears. 

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Due to these factors combined, the Bartlett pear is still less nutritious than the Asian pear, despite having its own set of benefits.

How much Asian pear should I feed my dog?

By this point in our discussion, you may be considering giving your pup one of these tasty treats, in which case, you’ll probably want to know how much to give it. 

In fact, the answer applies not only to Asian pears but to regular pears and to all fruit in general. 

In spite of the fact that dogs can eat some fruits and vegetables, you should not overdo it since it could result in an upset stomach for your pet and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting. 

You should feed your dog only a few slices of pear around once or twice a week for these reasons. 

Furthermore, you need to make sure the pieces are small and soft enough to prevent the dog from choking. 

Where can I buy Asian pears from? 

Unless you can get your hands on an Asian pear, you’ll be unable to feed your dog one. Getting good quality fresh fruit from your local grocery store can sometimes be difficult, especially something as specific as Asian pear. 

Although Asian pears may not be available locally, you can always order them online. 

There is always the possibility that they will run out, but you can try ordering some from Walmart, Kroger, or Amazon. 

It is possible to find some Asian pears for a reasonable price on Amazon, where you can buy them from several third parties that produce the fruit.  

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You’ll usually have to factor in shipping and fees on top of their $0.40-$0.60 per ounce price.  

Of course, if you find a produce store that you like, you can always order Asian pears directly from them. 

Are they more expensive than pears? 

In general, Asian pears cost more than regular pears, as you would assume.  

The reasons for this include the fact that Asian pears are more difficult and complicated to grow than Bartlett pears, for example. 

It is sometimes possible to find Asian pears at lower prices than other pears, but luck plays an important role in this as well as quality. 

The nutritional benefits of Asian pears even outweigh the benefits of a regular pear, so the extra cost is probably well worth it even if you have to spend a little bit more on them. 

Can Dogs Eat Asian Pear Skin? 

We give our dogs some parts of the fruit that they shouldn’t have, some of which we’ll discuss in a moment. 

As fruit peels are packed full of nutrition and removing them can often take away most of the benefits you get from the fruit, it would be a shame not to be able to give them to our dogs. 

What about safety? 

As long as the fruit has been washed thoroughly, it should be perfectly safe to give your dog the fruit skin and all as long as there are no leftover pesticides on the peel. 

You can still remove the skin if you’re not comfortable giving it to your dog, it comes down to your preference and what you’re comfortable with. 

What fruits (and parts of fruit) are toxic to dogs? 

First, we have some bad news. There are fruits that your dog shouldn’t eat. 

Dogs should not eat avocados, cherries, citrus fruits (because of the strong scent, your dog wouldn’t even like citrus fruits anyway), tomatoes, and they should never eat grapes. 

It is extremely dangerous and can be fatal for dogs to consume grapes because they can cause acute and sudden kidney failure.

Can Dogs Eat Asian Apple Pears?

Now for the fruits that your pup should be able to eat without any problems, these are apples, bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, pineapple, cucumbers, mangoes, peaches, and of course pears. 

Although your dog can eat these fruits, you should still give them in moderation, and you should remove some parts before giving them to him. 

Now let’s get to those things… 

Whenever you see fruit with a pit inside, always remove it first since it may present a choking hazard and sometimes the pits contain cyanide which can harm your dog. 

Seeds of all fruits also need to be removed first because they can cause intestinal blockages since dogs cannot digest seeds, and seeds of certain fruits like apples, peaches, and pears also contain cyanide. 

Furthermore, most canned fruits contain lots of added sugar, which isn’t healthy for your dog. 

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What other Asian fruits or vegetables might dog enjoy as a snack? 

Cacti like pitaya, which is also known as “dragon fruit” and can be enjoyed by some dogs. 

Although you will need to remove the peel of this fruit first because it is too tough for dogs to digest, some dogs may not enjoy it since the flesh of this fruit is very soft and not all dogs enjoy that texture. 

Guava is another fruit that is great for dogs to eat, as it is packed full of nutrients and vitamins. 

However, you should avoid giving your dog guava leaves because they could upset their stomach. They can also eat the peel of this fruit. 

There are many people who like to boil guava leaves and drink it as tea, but that is not a safe practice for dogs. 

It’s also safe to research any other Asian fruits or vegetables you’re interested in giving your dog that wasn’t on the list today. 

To make sure a new food won’t harm your dog, you should always research it before giving it to him. 

In the end, dogs are man’s best friend.

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Can Dogs Eat Asian Pears? (Watch Video)

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