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French Bulldog back leg problems

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “French Bulldog back leg problems“.

The French bulldog is a fun dog to own. The dog is adorable, loyal, and loving to its owner.

The breed of dog does, however, have some weaknesses just like any other animal.

The breed is known to have several genetic health problems. Along the way, some illnesses may develop as well. You must familiarize yourself with the health issues that your Frenchie may suffer from in order to know how to care for it if you have one or plan to take one home soon.

It is important to know that Frenchies often have problems with their rear legs as a result of hemivertebrae, which we’ll discuss in this article.

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What problems can French bulldogs have with their back legs?  

They have short rear legs because of the way they are bred. Despite the fact that some people may find this appearance cute, it may actually cause serious problems. Frenchies may be born with hemivertebrae, which is a congenital condition.

Having been bred in such a way, they have had it since birth. The term “spinal deformity” refers to a spine that is abnormally formed or deformed. Having the bones not shaped correctly will prevent them from aligning with each other, and this defect can lead to several problems.

Weakness of the hind limbs is one of the problems that could result from this condition. Due to this, your dog may have difficulty getting up, walking, and running. Additionally, it will have trouble socializing.

Basically, the back legs don’t function properly. It could even lead to your pet’s death if it gets worse, as he may become paralyzed.

What are the symptoms of problems with your French bulldog’s back legs?   

Most likely, if your dog spends most of its time lying down, or if you see that it has difficulty walking, it has problems with its rear legs.

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Whenever you try to pick it up, if it yells, there is definitely something wrong with it. Then, you should take your Frenchie to a veterinarian to determine what exactly is wrong with him. A diagnosis can be made with the help of x-rays or other sophisticated imaging technologies.

Other symptoms of having hemivertebrae also exist. In addition to weak back legs, a dog may also suffer from severe pain as well as urinary and fecal incontinence. Dogs may show these signs as early as puppyhood, and they can worsen with age.

In what ways can you help?  

Depending on the severity, hemivertebrae require varying levels of care and treatment. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be given to your Frenchie to help ease the pain if it is just a mild case. By doing so, you can significantly alleviate the pain.

A prescription from a veterinarian is required for this. Additionally, you should ensure that your dog gets plenty of rest. It should, of course, be fed with healthy foods in order to stay strong.

In the case of severe conditions, in which medications won’t help, a surgical procedure might be needed. The procedure will be performed by a veterinary neurologist or surgeon.

The following suggestions will help you to take care of a French bulldog with hemivertebrae issues: * You should limit your French bulldog’s physical activities if you know that it has issues with its spinal cord.

Your puppy should not be forced to do jumping exercises or any rough games, especially if it’s still a few months old. You should take your pet on short walks to keep his muscles healthy and strong, especially those that support his spine.

To that end, make sure that you walk your Frenchie once in a while. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, like tuna, salmon, and sardines, will certainly improve your pup’s health. The reason for this is that these fatty acids prevent inflammation as well as degeneration.

Up to two or three times per week, you can serve this food group. In addition, you need to be extra careful when picking up your puppy. Its spine, as well as its legs, should always be supported. Make sure that everyone else in the house does the same.

 Is hemivertebrae surgery an option? How much will it cost?

If the condition is already severe, hemivertebrae surgery, or hemilaminectomy, is the most effective treatment. An intervertebral disc that presses against the spine is removed during this procedure. The pain would then be relieved. Nevertheless, you should be aware that not all dogs that have undergone this particular procedure have recovered.

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Some of them were put to sleep rather than suffer from the condition for the rest of their lives. The procedure would be very expensive since it is a very delicate one. You might have to pay up to 3000 USD for the imaging alone.

A minimum of 4000 USD is expected for the surgery. A single surgical area would cost this amount. In cases where the decompression involves several parts of the spinal cord, the cost will definitely be higher. Surgery for hemivertebrae can be costly.

However, your pet’s insurance will help to cover the cost. Such procedures are generally covered by pet insurance.


If your French bulldog has damaged the spinal cord or deformed vertebrae, it can be very hard for you. You, as the owner, would have to be patient since taking care of your pup with this condition would require more attention from you. In addition, depending on how severe the illness is, you may have to prepare yourself financially.  

The bottom line is the earlier you take your Frenchie to the vet, the better off he will be. If your pet shows any symptoms, make sure you take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. You should never ignore warning signs because they may adversely affect the quality of life of your pet.

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French Bulldog back leg problems (Watch Video)

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