Help! My Dog Ate Garlic Sauce

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Help! My Dog Ate Garlic Sauce“.

There are lots of pizza fans out there.

Do you ever find your dog approaching you at the table when you’re eating your favorite takeaway pizza? Is it looking for some delicious garlic sauce or a piece of pizza?

Do you eat while sitting on the couch, so that your dog has even more opportunities to “get involved”?

This type of behavior is fairly common among dog owners, so don’t worry. 

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Our dogs used not to bother my grandson, but now they do because of his presence.

Eventually, food will come their way if they wait patiently enough. 

Is it possible that the dog will eat something that it shouldn’t?

Is it the end of the world if a dog eats the garlic sauce on a pizza?

Do you need to call your vet, or should you try to be more careful next time?

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Here’s what we’ll find out.

My dog ate garlic sauce, what should I do?

You do not need to be concerned if your dog ate garlic sauce. 

There is really no need to worry about your dog since there is little chance of anything going wrong.

You won’t have any problems if your dog ate garlic sauce straight from the plastic tub that came with your takeaway pizza or if he licked a few licks off of the sauce leftover from your garlic chicken.

There shouldn’t be any negative effects on your dog.

For instance, if your dog isn’t a big fan of garlic, he might vomit up the sauce.

It is possible that his stool will be softer than usual tomorrow.

I will address this topic in the next section since dogs can be poisoned by garlic if they consume it in large amounts. 

Is garlic poisonous to dogs?

There is a limit to the poisonous effects of garlic on dogs. 

In other words, your dog won’t die if he eats a little bit of crushed garlic or licks a little bit of garlic sauce.

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But scientists believe your dog should not go above a certain level.

Garlic is found in levels ranging from 15 to 30 grams per kilogram of dog.

Each of my two Golden Retrievers weighs around 30 kilograms.

Using these figures, a safe amount of garlic for my dogs is between 450 g (15 x 30) and 900 g (30 x 30). 

This amount of garlic must be consumed by the dog within a few days.

As far as I’m concerned, this is an impossibly large amount of garlic for a dog to consume. 

Just now, I weighed a single clove of garlic and it weighed 5g. 

Around 40 grams of garlic make up a bulb. 

Do any of us really want to feed our dogs ten or twenty bulbs of garlic?

Why is garlic poisonous?

Garlic is poisonous to dogs because it contains a compound called thiosulphate, which is toxic in large amounts to them. 

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Garlic contains thiosulphate, but so do onions, leeks, shallots, garlic cloves, and other vegetables within the onion family.

It damages the red blood cells, which are unable to carry enough oxygen because dogs cannot absorb thiosulphate.

It is possible for a dog to die if these blood cells are damaged severely enough.

What are the symptoms of garlic or thiosulphate poisoning?

Breathlessness is one of the key symptoms of a lack of oxygen. Vomiting and diarrhea are also common symptoms.

You should be aware, however, that these symptoms might not appear for a few days. 

I would like to put these amounts of garlic into some sort of context in my next section.

How much garlic is in garlic sauce?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular foods that contain garlic sauces and see how much garlic they contain. 

It will now be impossible to find out exactly how much garlic famous brands (such as Papa John’s and Domino’s) use in their garlic sauces because their recipes are top secret.

I can look at some of the most popular recipes online that use garlic sauce and use those as a guide.

Since this article is focused on garlic, I will focus on how much garlic is in each recipe.

However, you should also be aware that these recipes probably contain ingredients that could upset your dog’s stomach!

Garlic dipping sauce (for pizza)

Both of these recipes use two teaspoons of garlic powder, whereas this vegan recipe uses two cloves.

Despite some differences between the forms of garlic and the amounts of garlic in the recipes, none of them contain enough garlic to be toxic to your dog. 

Garlic chicken 

This is one of the most popular garlic chicken recipes. 

Chicken is served with a creamy garlic sauce containing a whole bulb of garlic.

That’s a lot.

According to my calculations, a fairly standard garlic bulb should contain about 12 bulbs, weighing approximately sixty grams.

Nevertheless, the amount of garlic used is nowhere near toxic levels. 

In another popular recipe, only two bulbs of garlic are used in the sauce.

Garlic bread

We now move on to our final popular “garlic” food, garlic bread. 

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This recipe uses three cloves of garlic, compared to the two used in the highly-rated recipe.

Both of which are well within the safe amount of garlic that can be digested by a dog. 

Once I have seen how much garlic is used in popular recipes, I want to turn the focus to how garlic can be used to boost your dog’s health.

The health benefits of using garlic with dogs

It might seem a bit strange that I spent the first part of this article warning me about the dangers of garlic, but now I am talking about its health benefits.

It has been known for hundreds of years that garlic has health benefits. 

These studies have only been conducted on people, not on dogs.

Garlic, however, has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. 

I used to give my dogs one clove of garlic every day as a natural alternative to flea ointments a few years ago.

It did not seem to work when it came to stopping fleas (because our dogs rarely seem to be affected by them), but I know that they did not suffer from garlic poisoning either. 

Garlic’s effectiveness in preventing fleas has never been thoroughly investigated.

While raw garlic was used in this study to see if it could prevent fleas on dogs. 

Garlic wasn’t fed to the dogs; it was scattered around the crates where they were housed.

Garlic, however, appears to reduce the number of fleas on dogs. 

One study examined whether eating raw garlic prevented tick infestations in Swedish soldiers. 

According to the results, it did. 

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Help! My Dog Ate Garlic Sauce (Watch Video)

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