Homemade Dog Food For Underweight Dogs

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Just as you would take care of your baby, you should take care of your dog as well. Several things can be done to help your puppy gain weight when he is too thin. The first thing you should do is feed your dog small meals frequently, increase the amount of protein in his diet, and exercise him regularly.

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Are you aware that 56% of dogs in the US are considered overweight? They are obese either because they eat too much or they have health problems.

Underweight dogs pose a different problem. Are their owners failing to feed them properly? Maybe they are recovering from illnesses or came from a rescue. It may be that the puppies just went through a growth spurt and need some building up.

But what if a dog’s weight falls below the normal range?

There are dog foods meant to fatten up skinny puppies, which are available in the stores. Nevertheless, some pet owners are hesitant to give those to their pets because they may contain harmful ingredients. In order to be on the safe side, they prefer homemade dog food for underweight dogs.

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What Are the Advantages of Homemade Dog Food for Underweight Dogs?

You must also take into account your canine’s weight when preparing his diet. Therefore, if you want him to gain weight, you must carefully select the foods he eats. There are times when you have to choose between homemade dog food and commercial dog foods formulated for weight gain.

Underweight dogs benefit from homemade food in the following ways:

They Contain Healthy Ingredients

When preparing your dog’s meals yourself, you can choose the ingredients, unlike commercial food for overweight dogs. Each puppy has unique nutritional needs, and you should also take this into account when feeding him.

Perhaps your pet also has a health condition that needs to be addressed in addition to losing weight. It would be a good idea to consult with a veterinarian in this situation.

You might have a hard time finding a commercial dog food that meets all the needs of your puppy if you combine all its requirements. Making his meals yourself will make it much easier for you to increase their nutritional value.

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You can’t simply give your dog more food to fatten him up to achieve a healthy weight. You must make sure that his meals are nutritionally balanced. Because you are trying to bulk him up, make sure you choose foods that are high in protein as well as amino acids.

The recommended protein and fat content for underweight pets is 30% and 20%, respectively.

They Are Economical

Could you imagine how much you would have to spend on commercial food for underweight dogs plus supplements just to meet their needs? It would cost a fortune!

Meals prepared at home are more economical. Compared to ready-made meals, they are much more affordable. This means you can also save money in addition to picking the ingredients.

Satin Balls – A Great Homemade Treat for Underweight Dogs

You can be as creative as you can when preparing food for your underweight dog. There are many recipes you can use. Using nutritious ingredients will help him gain weight, which is the most important thing.

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Satin balls are one of the most popular recipes for gaining weight in dogs.

You will need ground beef, shredded wheat or cereal (make sure there are no raisins), oatmeal, wheat germ, olive oil, unsulphured molasses, raw eggs, unflavored gelatin, and a little bit of salt for this recipe.

It’s simply a matter of mixing the ingredients well and rolling them into balls. It’s that easy! You do not have to fry them. You can serve them raw.

Consider the size of your pet when determining how much food to serve. He would need 3 to 5 1-inch balls if he is just a puppy. You can double the amount if he is already an adult.

When you see an improvement in your dog’s weight, you can reduce the number of satin balls you are feeding him.

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How Can You Know If Your Dog Is Underweight?

As with being underweight, obesity in dogs can pose health risks. Therefore, your dog should be monitored for weight gain. However, how can you tell if your puppy doesn’t meet the average weight for its age and breed?

First, look at your dog from different angles to determine whether or not he is too thin.

Look to see if you can easily see his ribs from the side. If you can, he is probably underweight. Even if a dog meets the ideal weight, its ribs can be easily seen in some breeds.

Additionally, if your puppy is furry or has a heavy coat, it will be difficult for you to see his ribs no matter how thin he is. Using this device, you can feel your dog’s rib cage while sitting next to it. The fact that the ribs are just covered with the skin without any padding means that he is too thin.

As you stand over your dog, make sure you can see him from above. Does he have protruding hips? If so, then his weight is probably not normal.

As soon as you check your pup’s weight and think that it isn’t right, then you should take him to a veterinarian for further evaluation. You should also be able to get proper guidance from your veterinarian as to how you can help your puppy gain weight.

Why Are Some Dogs Underweight?

As a pet owner, you need to identify the cause/s of your furry friend’s skinny status so you can resolve this issue. He will continue to suffer from health problems as well as poor quality of life otherwise.

It is possible for a dog’s weight to be abnormal for a number of reasons, including:


When a puppy has an illness, such as diabetes, cancer, and diseases of the kidneys, liver, and heart, he can easily lose weight. Whenever you see that your dog is underweight and fails to gain weight no matter what you feed him, it is crucial that you seek veterinary assistance.


In the same way as humans, dogs lose their appetite if they are stressed out or depressed or anxious. As these animals do not really know how to cope with such mental problems, you have to observe their behavior carefully.

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There are some puppies who are picky eaters as well. If yours doesn’t seem to have any underlying health conditions, then it could be that he simply doesn’t like the food you are serving.

You have been getting him dog food from the stores, but is he getting tired of it? Try making him some homemade dog food.

Changing his diet should also be done with caution. Don’t rush the process. Mix old and new food together for the first few days, reducing the amount of the old diet.


The presence of parasites in the stomach of your canine could also contribute to his being underweight. Those worms need to be removed if this is the case. Veterinarians can advise you which product would be most effective in eliminating these pests.

How Can You Help Your Dog to Gain Weight?

You have to take care of your dog’s health as you would your baby. When your puppy is too thin, you can do several things to help him gain some weight.

Feed Small Meals Frequently

Try to change the routine if you have been feeding your puppy twice a day, but yet he is still skinny. Smaller, more frequent meals can help. During the day, this will ensure that he gets all the nutrients he needs.

Increase the Amount of Protein

Protein should make up 30% of a dog’s diet. You can serve cooked or raw meat to your pet. Adding protein to his diet will certainly promote muscle development.

Exercise Him Regularly

Many pet owners are unaware that exercise is also essential for dogs to maintain a healthy weight. They may believe they will lose more weight by exercising. But the truth is that working out is also necessary for building muscles.


You should be concerned if your dog is underweight. Determine what the main cause is, and proceed accordingly. Making your dog’s food at home will help you ensure that his nutritional needs are met. You should be able to achieve the normal weight for your puppy’s age and breed as soon as you choose healthy ingredients for the different recipes.

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