How Long Does Puppy Poop Stay Soft?

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “How Long Does Puppy Poop Stay Soft?“.

Poop is the last thing most puppy owners want to deal with or take a closer look at. There’s a mess, there’s a smell, and it’s just plain yucky.

The truth is, we can learn a lot from our dog’s poop, especially for puppies in their early development stages. 

When we take a look at puppy poop, we can learn a lot about our dog’s health, whether they’re getting enough nutrition and if they’re okay or need medical attention.

We’ll show you how to tell if the poop of your puppy is normal – and when it’s not.

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What does normal puppy poop look like and smell like?

Before anything else, let’s take an expression at how a pup’s poop should look and snuff like if your puppy is in a logical campaign.

And yes, this does bear getting a little more close and particular with pup poop than usual, but once you know what to look for, all that it’ll really take is quick regard to check.

The perfect canine poop will have a color of light brown to medium brown. They will appear log-like but won’t leave wreckage on the account when you gather it up.

They will command a different scent but shouldn’t smell like a commodity you would describe as foul or rancid.

The same rules apply for a pup, except that soft poop can also be average due to their diet, particularly if they’re suckling. Still, if your pup has been constantly pooping firm poop and abruptly starts pooping soft poop or awash poop, observe more closely to see how it develops.

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correspondingly, you have to celebrate an eye on how frequently your pup poops. A well-conditioned canine will generally have a demonstrated routine and will poop at patented times of the day.

It’s agreeable for your pup to poop formerly or indeed up to three times – as long as it is consistent. However, observe more closely, it may be a sign that there’s a commodity wrong If there are any unforeseen inconsistencies.

Why is most puppy poop soft?

The thickness of pup poop depends nearly entirely on their diet. However, it’s normal for them to have softer poop than usual and is not a cause for alarm If a pup is breastfeeding.

But if your puppy’s poop goes from a soft thickness to fully watery, or if it goes from the establishment to suddenly soft, also this surely calls for near observation.

For puppies, thickness is crucial.

At what age does it start to get firmer?

Your pup will embark to witness firmer canine poop when they’re weaned from their mammy. a portion of weaning your pup will be sluggishly acquainting other casts of food into their diet like kibble.

As your pup’s digestive complex adjusts to a solid diet, you might notice that they will witness some diarrhea at first. abide adhering just to make sure that the contest of diarrhea goes down after a day or two.

After the switch to solid food, puppies should have the normal and healthy canine poop as described over–firm, light brown to average brown, with no signs of spongers or inordinate mucous.

However, your pup’s poop is getting softer and softer, continue to cover your pup’s condition and consider bagging some of the poop and chilling them in case you need samples for the warhorse If you noticed that rather of getting robust.

What is the difference between soft puppy poop and diarrhea? 

Gentle Pup poop will still hold its form – commonly log-like or small balls – but will be dull in thickness and will leave residue on the ground when you pick it up. Indeed with soft poop, your pup will most probably still maintain the same number of times for pooping each day.

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With pup diarrhea, your pup’s coprolite will be veritably watery and won’t retain its shape. It’ll come out nearly fully fluent with a brownish cast and perhaps many solids then or there.

You won’t indeed be suitable to gather it up from the ground, let alone bag it. There’s also a sturdy breed of diarrhea where the poop comes out as soppy logs but will lose its form when you try to gather it up.

Pup diarrhea will also do plenty of times during the day, from three times to indeed five or six moments, causing dehydration.

However, it’s stylish to advise your veterinarian directly, If your pup is commanding further than five times of bowel motion during the daytime.

Why does puppy poop get softer throughout the day?

Have you anyways caught that your pup may poop forcefully in the morning but when they poop afterward in the autumn or at night, the poop becomes gentle?

Right off the club, I can tell you that there’s nothing wrong with your pup. A canine’s digestive complex continuously removes humidity from the poop as it stays outside.

Having the poop in their gastrointestinal corridor overnight is also likely to deliver firmer poop with lower water content. But if your pup only has the time between breakfast and lunch, for illustration, to keep their poop in their GI tract, it’ll surely come out softer but they’ll still snare the accident to drop a poop when you walk them.

It bears repeating that thickness is crucial when observing pup poop, and we don’t just mean the thickness of the factual poop. However, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, If your puppy’s poop gets softer throughout the day every day. Still, if one day your puppy’s poop suddenly becomes soft and wet in the autumn, a commodity that doesn’t generally be, also your pup might need near absorption.

What can make the poop softer?

There are a diversity of accountings why your pup can abruptly have gentle poop. First, we’ve to judge that while humans start to compartment our food with enzymes currently in our slaver in our mouths, tykes’ mouths are actually just meant for biting and tearing. All the work happens in their GI tract.

That’s why one of the most common reasons for soft pup poop is an unforeseen switch in the diet – it takes time for their GI tract to acclimate. The stylish way to switch a pup to a new diet is gradual, in supplements, mixing the old canine food with the new bone, putting further of the new kibble over time.

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Another cause for puppies having soft poop is overfeeding. Feeding your pup too important food can give their digestive system more work than it can handle. That can lead to under- digested food, leaving it softer and lower‘ reused’. Reducing the digestive system’s effectiveness not only leads to softer poop, but it can also reduce the nutrients the pup can absorb.

There are different more no-nonsense cases for soft pup poop – spongers, worms, contagions, to name many – but the occasional soft pup poop is nobody to worry about. That is, unless it regresses to diarrhea or if you see that your pup is less active and responsive than conventional.

What can I do to make puppy poop firmer?

Bar any humorless health effects, following a healthy edifice and pattern for feeding, should affect firmer pup poop. Then are some quick tips to keep your pup healthy, guiding you to the important sought-after impeccably normal pup poop.

Make clear your pup is easily doused. Puppies should hold crystal clear urine, not exorbitantly unheroic.

Make assured not to breakfast your pup. Too important food will give the gastrointestinal tract too important work, reducing its effectiveness, leading to lower nutritive immersion and soppy poop.

Change your pup’s food traditionally. An unforeseen change in diet can stress out your pup’s digestive system. Traditionally add 25 of the new canine food, allow the pup to acclimate, and add another 25 until you’ve fully switched to the new diet.

Make assured that your pup is consuming high-quality canine food. Canine food with too important canine food paddings that only serve up empty calories. A pup on a good, healthy diet will bear firmer, well-conditioned poop.


At the closedown of the daytime, the response to how long does pup poop stays gentle is – it depends. It depends on when they will subsist weaned from breastfeeding, from how they’re acquainted with a new diet, what description of diet they will command after weaning, and so on. 

As always, the key to having a strong healthy pup is compliance – and yes, that includes their poop – and a good diet that’s ideal for the pup’s digestive system and nutritive requirements.

From one fur parent to another, good fortune and enjoy the fun!

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How Long Does Puppy Poop Stay Soft? (Watch Video)

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