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My Dog Ate A Whole Can Of Pumpkin

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “My Dog Ate A Whole Can Of Pumpkin“.

Is it true that you can now purchase a Halloween costume for your dog?

Did you know that one of the most popular choices is a pumpkin costume?

You can also see a hot dog costume and one of the Pope…

This article continues the Halloween theme by looking at what happens if your dog eats a can of pumpkin.

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Is it a good idea to press the panic button? Or should I breathe a sigh of relief?

What do you think? Let’s find out, shall we?

My dog ate a whole can of pumpkin. What should I do?

It is good news that pumpkin is a healthy treat for your dog.

Depending on how their system reacts to such a large amount of pumpkin, your dog might end up with a touch of diarrhea or constipation (most likely diarrhea).

To figure out what you should do, I think that the best advice would be to make sure that your dog has access to freshwater.

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You might want to take your dog on an extra walk since the pumpkin might move through their system fairly quickly, making them need to poop a little more than usual.

You can also watch out for those tell-tale signs that they might have to rush out into the yard quickly if you can’t take them for a walk.

A bit of pacing to the back door and sticking their heads out of the cat flap would be the sign for me, but your dog might have a completely different way of communicating.

Constipation and diarrhea often resolve themselves on their own without medical intervention.

Pumpkin is a popular choice for those interested in an easy home remedy.

When one of the potential cures is also the cause of diarrhea, how do you handle it?

Come on, let’s find out.


The majority of dog diarrhea cases will resolve themselves without the need for medical attention or a vet visit.

When your dog has diarrhea that lasts for more than a couple of days or is very watery, it becomes a problem.

Diarrhea which is very severe will quickly lead to dehydration, which can be very dangerous for young and older dogs. 

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Therefore, it is important to make sure that your dog has access to freshwater. 

Main signs of constipation

Diarrhea occurs when the body gets rid of “stuff” too easily, constipation occurs when the body finds it much harder to eliminate waste. 

Once again, if you are worried that this could be happening to your dog, your best option is to make sure that he has easy access to plenty of freshwaters. 

The next thing I want to do is reassure you. 

It’s going to be a surprise to you to learn that even though your dog consumed an overdose of pumpkin, their bodies are still bursting with nutrients and vitamins. 

Nutrition of canned raw pumpkin?

Good news- look at the nutrition which is going into your dog

An image of a 100g serving of canned raw pumpkin is included below.

The labels are based on an adult human and not a dog, which is an obvious weakness.

They do, however, show us general trends. 

In canned raw pumpkin, nearly 90% of it is water.

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As with most vegetables, their power comes from the vitamins and minerals they contain. Other factors to consider are that it has a low calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content.

Pumpkins are known for their high fiber content. 

As you can see, 3 % of the servings contain fiber.

In canned pumpkin, that’s what’s in there.

Although it may seem strange, there is a significant difference between the amount of fiber in fresh pumpkins and canned pumpkins. 

Only .5% of pumpkin is fresh. 

In addition to fiber, pumpkin has many other benefits.

They are also excellent sources of iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and copper. 

Iron is necessary for producing red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body.

In addition to regulating blood pressure, potassium is thought to assist nerve function.

We know that vitamin A is important for our eyes, while vitamin C is essential for body tissue. 

Copper supports healthy metabolism and helps maintain healthy bones. 

It could be worse- it could be a can of pumpkin pie mix! 

A whole pumpkin can has been eaten by your dog, and you are in a bit of a panic.

However, here’s the problem.

A can that contains only pumpkin and nothing else is relatively harmless compared to what else it might contain.

In your local grocery store, you can also find other varieties of pumpkin in cans. 

For example, the pumpkin pie mix in a can is completely different.

These cans not only contain pumpkin and water, but also sugar, salt, spices, and other flavors.

Neither one of these ingredients is toxic to your dog, but the addition of all the sugar and salt will have consequences.

The main reason is that your dog will almost certainly get diarrhea.

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How many pumpkins should I feed my dog every day?

Our dogs seem to use pumpkin most often to treat diarrhea.

However, when we looked at the nutritional value of a raw pumpkin, it became clear that it could be used in far more ways.

In general, as a vitamin and mineral boost. 

While the following guidelines specifically relate to pumpkin and diarrhea, you can use the same amounts to add to your dog’s diet regularly

Even for large dogs, eating a 15 ounce (425 g) can of pumpkin in one sitting would obviously not be recommended even for dogs with a touch of diarrhea.

According to research, pumpkin is widely used as a remedy for diarrhea in both adults and infants. 

One to four tablespoons (25g to 100g) of pumpkin are recommended for your dog’s meal. 

Therefore, a can of it would be an overdose for any size of dog. 

How to stop your dog from eating a whole can of pumpkin

Getting this done is harder than it sounds.

In such busy times as Thanksgiving, it’s hard to prevent things like your dog stealing a pumpkin while you’re preparing for the holiday.  

Being organized is easy when things aren’t stressful or busy, but it can be difficult when the pace and stress levels increase.

Perhaps your best chance is to prevent your dog from becoming a thief in the first place.

Training consists of three basic elements.

Empty and clean counters

Keeping nothing on any of the surfaces is your best and the first line of defense.

Cleanliness, organization, and organization are all part of this.

It is impossible for your dog to steal anything if there is nothing to steal on the surface. 

Even so, there must be some “hacks” since we can’t all be perfect all of the time. 

Right place at the right time

Reward your dog when they are where you want them to be, such as their bed, if you don’t want them patrolling the kitchen counter. 

Give them a treat if you catch them on their bed.

Soon, they won’t associate the counter with treats but with their bed.

Leave or drop

Thirdly, you need to train your dog to respond to the command “leave” or “drop”.

Your dog will not eat food that you catch him stealing if you catch him stealing.

I wish you good luck, 

If you want to read more about dog food tips, read here: Dog Food Tips and Tricks.

My Dog Ate A Whole Can Of Pumpkin (Watch Video)

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