My French Bulldog has aggression and is biting

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “My French Bulldog has aggression and is biting“.

The French Bulldog has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and for good reason. Dogs like them are sweet, fun, and smart, and they make great companions.

Even though they are sweet, they can sometimes be a bit of a handful to manage if they aren’t taken care of well. These issues include biting and aggressive behavior. Throughout this article, we will discuss some possible solutions to some of the most commonly encountered problems with Frenchies.

Are French Bulldogs normally aggressive and do they bite people?

French Bulldogs are wonderful companions around the home, but they do come with their own set of challenges. Generally, French Bulldogs are not particularly aggressive by nature, but they can be very boisterous at times. Owners usually find them to be very playful and they bring a lot of joy to their lives.

The level of aggression in your Frenchie will be determined by how you raise it, just like with any other dog. Those who are raised properly should have the right amount of exuberance without it becoming a problem.

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They are usually very warm-hearted and loyal dogs, but there are a few factors that can make them act out and become unruly. It is increasingly difficult to keep your beloved rascals from becoming tiny terrors if this type of behavior isn’t spotted and dealt with early on.

3 reasons that Frenchies are aggressive


Any animal displaying aggression may be the result of stress. The dog’s natural response to being threatened is to become defensive, and its main defense is his bite. The best way to keep your Frenchie safe and secure is to do your best. By creating a strong bond with them, you’ll slowly build a trusting relationship that should allow them to remain calm in unpredictable or stressful situations.

French Bulldogs often experience the doggy equivalent of “small man syndrome”, as many dogs of this size do. Even though he or she may be a little one, they can carry a big attitude to compensate for being both vertically and horizontally challenged. In order to curb this type of aggression, it is important to make them feel as safe as possible. You don’t want to turn your dogs into spoiled brats, so you should make them feel loved rather than overindulge them.

Over Excitement

It is also possible to get them overly excited, resulting in random moments of aggression. They may become agitated or exhausted when played with too roughly, resulting in erratic behavior. So you can know when enough is enough, you need to be able to read your dog’s emotions. However, too much fun can also be bad for your dog.

Separation Anxiety

French Bulldogs that exhibit aggressive behavior are also commonly affected by separation anxiety. An animal that takes a particular liking to a member of the family will associate that person with the daily routine.

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It can upset the Frenchie’s sense of security and put them on edge, causing them to lash out. They may pee or poop in places they shouldn’t, bark and howl at nothing, chew on anything they find in their path, or even run away. Once your dog’s special human is back in his presence, their worked-up state of mind should return to normal. If that’s not an option, then you’ll have to work really hard to reestablish that bond with another member of the household.

My French Bulldog puppy keeps biting me? 2 ways to stop it

Puppies bite to explore the world

Obviously, there are other factors to consider which could explain why your Frenchie is acting up. Puppies are prone to exploring the world around them, and part of that exploration involves biting. In their eyes, everything should be tested in order to learn what it is. Their only option without hands is to sniff or chew.

Teething can also contribute to your pup’s tendency to munch on anything it can get its hands on. This is normal behavior for most young hounds. The issue can become troublesome if they do not outgrow their habits. The following methods may help you stop the biting of your French Bulldog if it continues.

Try Screaming!

It is in the nature of dogs to display a profound sense of sympathy and intelligence. Do you ever fool around with your dog by pretending to cry? It’s likely they would’ve comforted you and checked that you weren’t hurt if you have. Frenchies are also deterred from biting when you make a high-pitched squeal or a cry. By doing. When you do this every time they nip at you, they should be more cautious, especially when playing.

You might be encouraging it

It’s important to be aware of your response to a bite from your dog. By pushing them away or running from them, they may think you’re just playing with them, so they will most likely continue to bite. Your finger and thumb can be used to create discomfort for your dog during these moments by holding underneath their tongue. In addition, you can put on gloves and use something that tastes bad so that when your dog bites your hand, it associates biting with the unpleasant taste and hopefully will be discouraged from biting again.

My French Bulldog is biting my feet. 3 ways to stop it

Many people have reported French Bulldogs nipping at their feet, which makes sense if you think about it. At their height, Frenchies view your feet as moving targets that are constantly shifting around in front of them. As long as you don’t teach them otherwise, your feet will appear to be a pair of exciting toys that are always willing to be chased.

Say “no”

When this happens, you need to redirect your dog’s brain. Your dog should be distracted from your feet when you say “no” loudly, firmly, and distinctly. To stop your dog from hunting your toes, it’s unrealistic to expect you and your family to watch every step.

Use Alternatives

Providing your Frenchie with a variety of chew toys will ensure that there is always something suitable for them to bite. Your dog should be taught that only his toys are acceptable for biting, which is a good practice.

Use Praise

Don’t forget to reward your pooch when they display the behavior you want from them. Even humans respond well to positive reinforcement.

My French Bulldog biting my child. How do I stop it?

Making sure a dog is okay around children is one of the most worrying aspects of dealing with an aggressive dog. Children are usually very animated and can excite or startle your dog very easily. As a Frenchie puppy, you should raise it to be used to being around children so that they don’t overreact when the kids get rowdy.

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When they grow up together, your puppy will be prepared to handle your children’s shenanigans. Likewise, you need to teach your kids how to behave around your dog so they know what to do. The occasional teasing and playful behavior are perfectly fine, but they need to learn the line between too much and not enough.

It’s likely that your French Bulldog will become a protective little companion, which might sound great, but it has its own drawbacks. It is easy for being protective to turn into being possessive. This may cause your dog to become aggressive when friends or family members enter your space or behave in unpredictable ways. The socialization of your Frenchie is a crucial part of raising a well-adjusted four-legged friend.

How much force does a French Bulldog bite with?

Even though they are small, it would be a mistake to underestimate a French Bulldog’s bite. The force behind your Frenchie’s bite is not easy to measure precisely, but it is estimated to be between 180 and 230 pounds per square inch. The bite force of an American Pitbull is around 235 PSI. Often, Frenchies like to use their strength when playing tug of war. French Bulldogs are one of the gentler breeds, and rarely bit anything other than their toys, or if there are no toys, perhaps a couch leg, a cushion, or a pair of shoes.


The impressionable nature of your dog is evident. Exactly as with humans, the environment in which they grow up heavily influences who they become. You want to raise your children in a way that balances abundant love with reasonable discipline.

Keep in mind that violence won’t teach your dog anything other than to be afraid of you. Neither respect nor trust will be earned by this behavior. You should be able to form a bond with your dog that will last you for many years if you are patient.

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