Help! My Puppy Just Ate A Rock

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Help! My Puppy Just Ate A Rock“.

From grass to your homework, dogs eat a lot of random things. 

Would your dog eat a rock if it ate one? 

Especially in the case of a small puppy eating a rock. As a result of rocks’ extreme hardness and roughness, you would understandably be concerned.

A puppy eating rocks can cause a variety of problems, from choking to intestinal blockage, and puppies are more likely to do so than adults. 

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You can find out what’s causing your puppy to eat rocks by reading on.

Why do puppies eat rocks?


The sensation of growing teeth is funny for humans as well as animals. 

When puppies’ gums tickle, they feel uncomfortable and chew everything in sight, including rocks, to alleviate the discomfort.

Puppy chewing on random objects like rocks is normal since they normally wouldn’t swallow them and it doesn’t indicate any underlying issues. 


Puppy curiosity is the second most common reason puppies eat rocks. 

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In the same way that babies eat random objects, puppies eat rocks as part of their development. 

You shouldn’t be concerned if your puppy eats rocks as part of their developmental process. They do it out of boredom and curiosity.

However, there are other reasons puppies eat rocks, which could cause more serious problems.


When a dog eats objects that aren’t food, it’s called pica. 

Nutritional deficiencies are usually responsible for this problem. 

It is also possible for a dog to develop pica when they do not receive enough attention.

The presence of pica in your dog should be detected as soon as possible since it can lead to more serious complications, such as choking and poisoning.

Underlying medical condition

Puppies eating rocks may also be caused by underlying medical conditions. 

A stomach ache caused by an underlying medical condition, such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, may cause some dogs to eat rocks to soothe themselves.


Furthermore, eating rocks might also be a nervous tic your dog has developed in response to stress.

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Why are puppies more likely to eat rocks than dogs?

Rocks are eaten by dogs regardless of their age, but puppies are more likely to do so than adults. 

Because puppies chew on random objects more during their teething process, rocks are more likely to be eaten by puppies. 

If teething is the cause, puppies will grow out of this habit.

What damage could chewing or swallowing a rock do to a puppy?

Despite puppies chewing rocks being a common tic, it’s not okay for them to do so. There are many health problems associated with swallowing rocks, including:

Teeth breakage

Chewing rocks can cause serious damage to your pup’s teeth since rocks are hard. There are a variety of damages that can occur, including fractures, breakage, and even loss of teeth.

Windpipe blockage (choking)

Large rocks can lodge in the throat, blocking the airway and preventing them from breathing. A dog who is choking should be given the Heimlich maneuver as soon as possible.

Intestinal blockage

It would be heartbreaking to see your beloved pup choke, but a gastrointestinal obstruction can be even worse. 

When it comes to a GI blockage, it’s more difficult to do the Heimlich maneuver as it is with a windpipe blockage.

It is possible for a dog to die when the digestive system is blocked, resulting in vomiting, no appetite, or even death if the digestive system is blocked. 

Surgically treating it can also cost thousands of dollars and take months to recover from.

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What are the signs that a puppy has eaten a rock?

When a puppy eats a rock, there are three possible outcomes.

  • As a result of digesting the rock, the puppy passes it out of their digestive system
  • The rock gets stuck in their stomach and gives them an upset stomach
  • The rock gets stuck in their throat or gets vomited

There will be different symptoms depending on the outcome of your puppy eating a rock. The following are some of the most common signs:

Rock particles in the feces

You can tell if your puppy has eaten a rock by finding rocks or rock particles in its feces.


The stomach won’t get upset if the stone is still in the stomach. While passing through the intestines, the rock can get stuck, causing vomiting. 

If the puppy’s intestines are blocked, he or she may vomit five or more times a day. You should keep track of how often your pup throws up and check the puke for rocks.

Poor appetite

A decrease in appetite may also occur as a result of puppies eating rocks. The fact that your puppy refuses to eat and drink is a sure sign that something is wrong with its digestive system, and it might be that it ate rocks.


Dogs with low energy can suffer from a wide range of illnesses, but one of the most common causes is digestive problems. There is a possibility that your pup swallowed rocks after going outside and is lethargic afterward.

What should you do if your puppy has eaten a rock?

Provide them with extra fiber to induce bowel movements

When your puppy eats a rock, the first thing you should do is get him to poo. To add extra fiber to their food, mix canned pumpkins with their regular food.

Make sure your pup does not have rocks in his stool. The rock might be stuck in their intestines if this doesn’t happen, which could lead to more serious complications.

In the case of rocks in the stool, the stone has passed and your puppy should be fine. You should keep an eye on them for signs of intestinal blockages, such as lack of appetite, vomiting, upset stomach, and lethargy.

It’s more likely that small rocks swallowed by your puppy will pass through the gastrointestinal tract into the stool. A larger rock, however, has a higher likelihood of becoming lodged.

Take them to the vet

Your pup should be taken to the vet as soon as possible if you did the stool check and found no rocks. As well as checking for gastrointestinal issues, the vet will perform other tests.

You should still take your pet to the vet even if the rocks have passed, since there may still be some rocks inside. As well as helping you with the next step, the vet can also provide you with advice.

Determine why your puppy is eating rocks

Puppies eat rocks for a variety of reasons, as we have already discussed. In order to solve this problem, we need to understand why they are doing what they are doing.

You can determine whether your puppy is teething by looking at their age, how long they have been eating rocks, and whether they’ve been doing it for a while. Additionally, your veterinarian will be able to determine whether your puppy has a nutritional deficiency that indicates pica.

Treat accordingly

You can now work towards solving the problem after determining the cause. It depends on the cause of this issue and how it should be treated.

How can you stop a puppy from eating rocks?

Obedience training

Puppy obedience training is the best way to prevent them from eating rocks, no matter what the reason is. When your puppy eats rocks out of curiosity or teething, this will be especially effective.

Make sure they learn the “drop it” and “leave it” commands and reward them whenever they obey. Pets and verbal praise are also popular rewards for puppies besides snack treats.

As soon as they start biting or chewing on the rock, tell them to “drop it” and then tell them to “leave it”. You should also use the “leave it” command when you see your pup getting close to rocks.

Give chew toy

A chew toy is another simple trick for reducing rock-eating habits in puppies. If boredom or curiosity are the reasons for eating rocks, this should work. It’s probably more effective to give them a chew toy that’s more similar to rocks since it’s more tactile.

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Increase playtime

Exercise and playtime are the best ways to stop your dog’s rock-eating habit if it is caused by boredom or anxiety. Keeping your pup busy and loved will prevent them from eating rocks habitually.

Special diet

You will need a special diet for your puppy if he is eating rocks because of nutritional deficiency or medical issues. Your vet will likely recommend a thorough diet plan to help your dog become the best, most energetic version of themselves.

Special behavior training

Finally, if your dog has pica, they will require more specialized training. It is most common for dogs with pica to require special behavioral-correction training from professionals.

Should you try and make your puppy throw up after swallowing a rock?

The short answer is no. Your dog should not be forced to vomit after eating rocks. They may suffer damage to their systems if they bring the hard, rough rock back up. Providing extra fiber food will encourage them to defecate instead.

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