Older Dog Depressed With New Puppy

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Older Dog Depressed With New Puppy“.

If you own a dog, you know what it means when they say that a dog is a man’s best friend. As much as possible, you want to keep your dog as happy as possible because you love your dog so much. 

As your old dog begins to fade, many families decide to get a new puppy. They want a new puppy before their old dog dies, so they want to keep the old dog happy. 

The old dog can, however, become depressed by the new dog and all the attention the new dog is receiving. Below are answers to some of the most asked questions.

Why might an older dog get depressed by a puppy?

Firstly, the question must be asked; Can dogs be depressed? Despite the fact that dogs do not have the same reasoning abilities as humans, they can experience depression as well.

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Adding a new family member such as a puppy can cause a dog to become depressed. Dogs require considerable attention after acquiring a puppy.

It must be taught a lot of different things and disciplined. Additionally, puppies are so cute that it is impossible not to play, snuggle, or sit with them all the time. You might feel that the new puppy is being loved more than your old dog that has been in the family for many years.

It can also be due to changes in the environment. It might simply take a while for your old dog to get used to the new family member.

In the first couple of weeks, it is heartbreaking to see your old dog not want to play with the puppy or play with it, but as soon as this new addition has adjusted to the family, things usually improve.

You naturally want your puppy and older dog to get along as quickly as possible. Here are a few ways to help them do so.

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It is important to make sure that your dog still receives plenty of attention, even as he grows older. Even though the puppy is new and cute, you must also show the older dog that you still love him just as much as before the puppy arrived.

How can you help your older dog and puppy get on?

Additionally, you should encourage the older dog to be more in tune with the puppy. The situation will improve with time.

Put them together, give them treats together, and take them for walks together. By doing so, the older dog will slowly come to accept the puppy as just another companion in life.

What common mistakes do people make that make things worse?

People make the first mistake of almost panicking when they see that the old dog doesn’t appreciate the new puppy at first.

You must accept that it can take up to a few months before an old dog and a puppy become accustomed to each other.

Be patient with them and don’t panic if they don’t settle in right away – it’s perfectly normal. The relationship between two dogs that seem to hate each other suddenly can turn into a lifelong friendship.

Introducing the dogs improperly is another mistake. Instead of throwing the puppy into the house abruptly, it is important that you slowly introduce the dogs to each other.

There is a better chance that you will experience a hassle-free and smooth relationship between your dogs if they slowly meet and greet each other.

The same thing happens to dogs as it does to us, humans. It is important to pay attention to both your puppy and not just the baby when getting a new puppy.

Old dogs need attention so that they feel that they are still loved instead of being replaced. 

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 It is also highly recommended that you do not change the old dog’s sleeping arrangements. The dog can continue to sleep in the same spot where it slept before the puppy arrived.

It can cause a territory dispute between the old dog and the puppy, and it can cause a lot of stress for the old dog since it might seem like her entire world is being turned upside down. 

What are the signs of dog depression?

Dogs suffering from depression exhibit a variety of different symptoms. Below are some of the more common ones.

Changes in appetite: When a dog is depressed or very sad, it can lose interest in food and lose a lot of weight. you should consider that depression could be the cause of a dog’s sudden change in appetite.

Dogs sleep a lot: We all know that dogs sleep typically, they sleep when their owners are working or in school, as well as when they are sleeping.

When the owners are home, the dog is energetic and eager to play games and have fun. If dog even when you are getting home, if your dog starts sleeping all the time, this could be a sign of depression.

A dog losing interest in everything it used to love is another major sign of depression. If there is no interest in going for a walk, Depression is evident when there is no interest in going for a walk, playing, or anything else it normally loves.

Why do dogs get depressed?

You need to understand the cause of the depression your dog is experiencing in order to be able to do anything about it. There are a number of reasons why dogs may become depressed suddenly.

Health Problems:

Dogs who seem depressed are often suffering from medical problems. It is therefore important to seek help for your dog immediately if it appears to be depressed.

As a result, you will be able to rule out any physical cause for your dog’s depressed behavior or determine what the physical cause is.

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It’s natural for you to follow the doctor’s recommendations if there is a physical cause. Once your dog is healthy again, hopefully, its depression will disappear.


Just like humans, dogs can become depressed when their animal or human companions pass away. Maybe a family member has moved out or a dog in the family has died.

There is no way to explain this to a dog, so it simply has to be shown a lot of love and given time to become happy again.

A sudden change in the environment can be hard on a dog. Because you have been planning to move for months, you may feel that it is a long process.

But for the dog, everything is suddenly changed in just a few hours. When the world changes suddenly, a dog may show signs of depression.

There is nothing you can do other than continue to love the dog and allow it time to adjust. 

What help can you get?

You can get help if your dog seems depressed through a variety of new solutions and methods. A behaviorist might be able to help you first.

Your veterinarian might be able to refer you to one. Alternatively, you can talk to your breeder. You can expect your dog’s breeder to have a lot of experience with this, so there is no doubt that they can assist.

You might be able to contact the rescue center if your dog comes from one. If you’re lucky, the veterinarian has dealt with this 100 times before and knows exactly what to do. 


Dogs can become depressed for a variety of reasons, as you can see. The dog may be acting out because you aren’t giving it as much attention as it needs, it could be due to a physical illness, or it could simply be because of a change in the environment.

Keeping an eye on your dog when they are depressed is an important part of being a responsible dog owner. You should keep an eye out for changes in appetite, loss of interest, or sleeping more.

It is important to get your dog checked out if it acts like the dogs in these videos. Check with your veterinarian for any physical problems.

When you have ruled out any physical issues, you simply need to slowly restore the dog’s sense of joy and happiness.

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Older Dog Depressed With New Puppy (Watch Video)

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