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Potty Training A Small Puppy With Ease

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The purpose of this article is to explain “Potty Training A Small Puppy With Ease“.

When you are not sure how to do it, potty training a small puppy can be challenging. To potty train your small puppy successfully, you must first set it up for success.

Your puppy needs a positive attitude and an easy time pottying. Keeping the toilet area close by when the puppy needs to go potty will help you anticipate when he or she needs to go. Remove all distractions and obstacles from the way.

In general, if you want to potty train a small puppy, the following tips from our puppy potty training experts will make the task easier for you.

Supervise the puppy and restrict its freedom

Restrict your puppy’s freedom to a relatively small area when you are potty training it. That way, you can supervise it more easily.

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Provide a gate in the room where the puppy stays and make the flooring easy to clean. When using piddle pads, place them in a corner a long way away from the bed and water bowl. Learn how to recognize the signs that the puppy wants to leave by watching it closely.

Most puppies show signs of discomfort by sniffing and circling. Since small puppies don’t want to miss any fun, it is best to keep the potty target near them since they are unlikely to travel far to go potty while playing.

Be consistent

You can potty train a puppy in a number of different ways, including outside, strictly outside, on pads, and in a crate.

It is important to stick with one training method throughout the entire process. Make multiple targets, move the toilet area around, and change tactics to confuse the puppy.

Make changes in training only after the puppy has mastered the basics. Stick to one training routine. Using words like “good potty” and “go potty” to encourage the puppy to go potty can be helpful.

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Establish a clear routine

Follow a routine when taking potty breaks. In addition, you can take your puppy to the toilet area when he wakes up in the morning, after a nap, immediately after a meal, after playing, and after anything else that excites him. Potty training small puppies usually require hourly breaks. However, you should have a routine so that the puppy knows when it will go potty. It is important to anticipate the needs of your small puppy so that it can maintain good potty behavior.


You want your puppy to ensure that what it does makes you happy. Praise the puppy when it goes potty at the right place every time. Show your puppy that you are pleased with its good behavior by throwing a party for it. You should reward the puppy immediately so that it can associate the reward with a good potty habit. These tips from gotta potty will help you to train puppies to potty.

By following these tips for potty training a small puppy from our experts, the task will be easy for you. Your puppy will be able to potty at the right place successfully within a few days.

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Potty Training A Small Puppy With Ease (Watch Video)

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