What Is A German Shepherd Miniature Pinscher Mix?

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “What Is A German Shepherd Miniature Pinscher Mix?“.

Mixes of German Shepherds and Miniature Pinschers were created by crossing purebred German Shepherds with purebred Miniature Pinschers.

Having one large parent and one tiny parent, the Miniature Pinscher Shepherd falls somewhere in the middle with a compact and medium-sized build. 

They are playful and assertive like Miniature Pinschers but are also alert and confident like their German Shepherd’s parent. It has the same intelligence and cheerfulness as its parents, and it is also very active and full of energy. 

We have discussed the characteristics of this intriguing new breed, the Miniature Pinscher Shepherd.

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  • Min Pin Shepherds are a new hybrid that has been around for over a decade. They are crossbred from two hard-working and intelligent German dog breeds, the German Shepherd and the Miniature Pinscher.
  • Dogs of this breed are active and not couch potatoes. Breeders describe it as a medium-sized breed with an active personality. Walking, running, playing fetch and dog training sessions are exciting ways to keep it active. 
  • Min Pin Shepherds require a lot of space to play and expend energy, so they are not good apartment dogs even though they are medium-sized.
  • Since the Min Pin Shepherd is a relatively new breed, it has not yet been formally recognized by kennel clubs, so its features, personal traits, and characteristics are not completely known.
  • Min Pin Shepherds are good family dogs and cheerful pets, but should never be left alone with other pets or young children as they are domineering and bossy. 
  • Housetraining and socialization at a young age are essential. Dogs are highly intelligent and respond well to training. 

Breed History

The Min Pin Shepherd is a relatively new dog breed that dates back to the late ’90s.

The history and purpose of this hybrid dog remain hazy since it has not been recognized by any registry or kennel club.

However, it is possible to gain some insight into this breed by taking a brief look at their parents, the German Shepherd, and the Miniature Pinscher.

Meet The Parents of The Miniature Pinscher Shepherd

Miniature Pinscher

A Miniature Pinscher is a small German dog originally bred to hunt rodents in a home or stable.

Germany, where this breed was developed, calls this breed Zwergpinscher, which is loosely translated as a dwarf vermin hunter.

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Breeders cross three active dog breeds; the German Pinscher, the Italian Greyhound, and the Dachshund to produce miniature pinschers. 

Dogs like the Mini Pinscher date back several hundreds of years, around the 1890s, but became popular only after the first world war.

In 1919, the first Miniature Pinschers were imported to the United States, and in 1929 they were recognized by the American Kennel Club.

An elegant and muscular dog, the Min Pin is a petite breed.

The Min Pin is a hunter full of energy, confident and fearless.

Because of their innate hunting skills, they tend to be very curious and alert, with an inclination to attack small objects.

The Miniature Pinscher is an excellent family pet today and is affectionately known as the “King of Toys.” 

German Shepherd Dog (GSD)

Because of their intelligence, confidence, and loyalty, German Shepherds are among the most popular dogs in the world.

Originally bred as herding dogs, the breed dates back to the 19th century. 

Max von Stephanitz, a German Calvary captain who was in search of the ultimate German herding dog, crossed many working shepherd dogs with farm dogs from rural Germany in order to create the breed we now know as the German Shepherd. 

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German Shepherds became famous during World War I, where they served as messengers, rescue dogs, and Red Cross dogs.

In the US, this breed became popular after several motion pictures featured a German Shepherd named Rin-Tin-Tin. 

GSDs are known for their agility, speed, intelligence, and devotion, making them a good choice for police and military work.

This big dog has an elegant build, a well-muscled body, and a powerful physique. Generally, GSDs are easygoing and great family pets. 

Size and life expectancy

The Min Pin Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with a body length of 20 to 25 inches and weighs between 45 and 60 pounds. Their lifespan is approximately 10 to 13 years. 


With a compact and muscular build, the Min Pin Shepherd is a medium-sized dog. A dog with almond-shaped brown or black eyes will have a medium to long muzzle, semi-flopped ears, and a brown or black nose. 

A Min Pin Shepherd’s coat is dense, medium-length, and double, and can be straight or wiry like its German Shepherd parent.

Most cats have a bi-colored coat, mostly black with brown or tan patches on their faces, bellies, chests, and legs. 


Despite the fact that the Min Pin Shepherd is a relatively new breed, its personality is difficult to define.

Nevertheless, both German Shepherds and Miniature Pinschers are very active, confident, intelligent, and hardworking dogs, so you can expect no less from their offspring. 

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Despite their small size, miniature Pinscher Shepherds are intelligent, alert, and energetic dogs.

Their Miniature Pinscher parent, the Min Pin Shepherd, is very curious and will explore her surroundings without hesitation, so they need to be closely monitored and properly trained to prevent destructive behaviors. 

Hybrid dogs are naturally protective of their own property, are fearless, and make excellent guard dogs.

It is important to socialize these dogs early and properly because they are usually wary of strangers. Fortunately, they are very intelligent and easy to train, and that makes them great family pets. 

Potential health problems

Min in Shepherds should be healthy if they are bred from healthy parents. It’s important to note, however, that dogs can be prone to genetic health problems, and some breeds are more prone to certain diseases than others. 

When adopting a Miniature Pinscher Shepherd, be sure that its parents are healthy by asking the breeder for health clearances, which are proof that the dogs have been tested and are free from certain health conditions. 

Despite their health, a Min Pin Shepherd may be susceptible to certain conditions.

Canine Hip Dysplasia:

This is a bone condition that affects several dog breeds. The thigh bone does not fit properly into the pelvic socket of the hip joint. The symptoms of hip dysplasia usually manifest later in a dog’s life and include lameness and pain in the affected hind leg. As both German Shepherds and Miniature Pinschers are susceptible to this condition, it is not uncommon to see it in their offspring.   

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI):

Genetic conditions such as this affect the pancreas and destroy the cells responsible for making digestive enzymes. An EPI dog is unable to digest food and exhibits the following symptoms: loss of appetite, extreme weight loss, flatulence, and change in stool. If detected early, EPI is usually not fatal and can be treated completely. The condition is diagnosed by a simple blood test, and treatment involves adding pancreatic enzymes to the dog’s food. 

Legg-Calve Perthes Disease: 

The hip joint can also be affected by this condition. In this condition, the hip bone does not receive adequate blood supply from the pelvic socket, causing it to disintegrate. Limping, pain, and atrophy of the leg muscles are some of the symptoms of Legg-Calve Perthes disease. It mainly affects small dog breeds like the Miniature Pinscher, and it can be treated surgically. 

Feeding and care

Sheepdogs have enough energy to run all day, every day, since they have a herding dog and a wounded dog as parents.

Dogs like these need a lot of daily exercise in order to prevent destruction. 

Dogs of this cross-breed are not made for a lazy lifestyle; they are not couch potatoes.

If you’re thinking about getting a Min Pin Shepherd, then you should be willing to play fetch with your dog, take walks with him, and engage in activities that will stimulate and excite him.

They may not be the best breed for small apartments because they need a lot of space to run around, play around, and generally stay active.

It is full of energy and may lead to destruction if not properly channeled. 

Although a hybrid dog like the Min Pin Shepherd doesn’t require many changes to his feeding routine or diet, he does need a sufficient amount of raw food meal, fish oil, and supplements since he’s susceptible to bone diseases.

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A healthy diet treats and adequate physical activity should always be included in an effort to avoid obesity. 

Coat color and grooming

Pinscher Shepherd miniatures have short to medium-length black and tan coats.

While they don’t require excessive grooming, frequent coat brushing to remove trapped dirt and regular baths with good dog shampoo is recommended.

Seasonally, these dogs shed, especially in the summer. They should have their teeth brushed every week, their nails trimmed monthly, and their ears de-waxed regularly to prevent infections.  

Children and other pets

It is a great idea to keep one of these hybrid dogs as a family pet. When playing with other pets, especially smaller ones, they have a dominant personality and need to be watched.

Min Pin Shepherds get along well with older kids, but should never be left alone with young children.


In spite of being a fairly new hybrid dog, the Miniature Pinscher Shepherd is still a rare breed. Dogs with this temperament are intelligent and highly trainable. 

The dog is an ideal pet for families who live in urban or suburban areas with plenty of space to run, play, and stay active.

Finding a Min Pin Shepherd for your family can be challenging as it is an uncommon breed.

However, if this dog meets your ideal family pet profile, make sure you adopt from a reputable breeder or rescue group with health clearances for both parents to be sure you have a healthy dog.

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What Is A German Shepherd Miniature Pinscher Mix? (Watch Video)

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