Why Do Dogs Howl When You Howl?

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In this article, you will know the answer to the query “Why Do Dogs Howl When You Howl?“.

Howling dogs. The howls vary from time to time. Sometimes they are in response to the moon, sometimes it’s twilight (101 Dalmatians?) and sometimes, they’re in response to your howl.

What’s the reason, though?

Could it be that they’re descended from wolves?

Your little one may be wishing that he could run wild in the hills as his ancestors did. Since he’s stuck as a tiny handbag dog, his best option is to howl as his life depends on it.

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It begs the question, is it safe?

What is the point of making them howl?

Do they really enjoy it, or is it just for show? We did the research on this topic, so you won’t have to.

Pack Bonding

Usually, dogs assume their human family is part of the pack since dogs are pack animals.

There are rituals that wolves and other species of packs perform in the wild that prove you’re a pack member.

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In other words, when you howl at your dog, he might howl back to show you’re part of his pack.

That’s so sweet! I guess he’s complimenting you on your attempts to form a bond with him, as they say, that imitation is the greatest compliment.

Alternatively, he believes he ranks higher than you in the pack, and so he indulges you just like parents do with their young children. Correct.

Descent from Wolves

Dogs descended from domesticated wolves way back in history.

What was the process of domesticating the first wolves?

What human said, “Hey, that ferocious predator is kind of cute, and I want to pet him”? I digress. 

Wolf howls to signal their position to other wolves since they are territorial animals.

Therefore, dogs are genetically predisposed to howl when they hear high-pitched sounds, signaling to other wolves (real or imaginary) nearby that they are not alone in the world.

Your howling is one of these sounds. There are also sirens, doorbells, and violins. 

For Treats

The vast majority of dogs are brilliant (at least most of them are), and they quickly figure out which behavior gets them treats and which doesn’t.

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In other words, if you give your Rover treats when he howls, he’ll soon get the idea and start doing it for the treat. Is it any wonder? 


The majority of dogs are highly sensitive to their human parents’ emotions.

When you’re excited, they’ll get excited as well, jumping around and getting all giddy.

Stress, sadness, anxiety, or any other emotional state are all examples of this.

Thus, if you display emotions or behavior that seems weird to your dog when you’re trying to get him to howl, he’ll likely howl in response.

It’s possible he’s a bit freaked out. The man thinks you are saying “oh man!” when you are saying “oh man!”

The whole thing is so bizarre! I don’t know what’s happening!”

In response, he shouted, “buddy, you freak me out, and I’m confused!

Thank you so much! Please stop now!”   Well, maybe not.

Right? Who is capable of reading minds?

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It is not uncommon for dogs to kick their seats when they are bored, just as a toddler kicks the seat in front of him on a plane.

They may chew on your garden furniture or shoes, dig a huge hole under your veranda, or howl. When your dog is bored, you might want to offer him some more stimulating toys and activities.

You know, get his mind moving so he doesn’t get bored.

The fog breed, like Collies and Jack Russells, thrives on games that engage their minds and bodies, getting the mental juices flowing while letting out all the energy.

He’s Trying to Tell You Something

There is a possibility that your dog will howl when you howl, but not always. Sometimes it might not be when you howl.

Observe his howling patterns and try to spot a pattern. Perhaps he is trying to tell you that he needs something.

Signals like that are useful for signaling mealtime, or when it’s time to take a walk, or when he needs to go potty. The poor guy doesn’t have the words to tell you these things, so he has to find another way to communicate his message.

If you can see a pattern in Bruiser’s howling, you’ll be able to better understand and meet his needs, which will make things easier for you both.

Is it Cruel to Make Your Dog Howl?

Howling isn’t for every dog.

Because they can’t express themselves verbally, the best thing to do is to observe Rover’s body language.

It’s likely that he’s having a good time and bonding with you when he’s howling. You should encourage him to do that.

Let’s say your dog shows signs of anxiety or agitation when he howls.

In that case, he might be reacting negatively. Anxiety, fear, or uncertainty might be troubling him.

You shouldn’t encourage him to howl.

By petting him, speaking in a calm, low tone, and being calm in general, reassure him that everything is fine.

Likewise, look out for patterns as these could help you determine what’s causing him anxiety.

Without knowledge, you can’t fix something

What Do I Do When My Dog Howls? Why Do Dogs Howl When You Howl?

What can you do about a dog howling now that you know why they howl?

He might be howling for different reasons depending on the situation.

You can let your dog howl if he is howling to bond with you or for any other positive reason.

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You or your neighbors should not be bothered by it, of course. 

You should not encourage your dog to howl if you don’t want it to howl or if it’s doing so because of anxiety or any other negative reason.

The best thing to do is to reward him when he does not howl.

It may be difficult because you’re rewarding inaction instead of action, but keep going, and you’ll be rewarded.

Which Breeds of Dogs Can’t or Won’t Howl?

Huskies and German Shepherds howl more than other breeds, like other dog breeds. Most hound breeds also howl frequently.

The majority of dog breeds don’t howl, or they are highly unlikely to do so.

The Basenji is one of the few dogs that never barks.

Despite its barkless name, this pup doesn’t mean it’s completely silent – it occasionally makes a low-level noise similar to yodeling.

French Bulldogs are also very unlikely to bark, and they’re not likely to howl. Also known for being couch potatoes, they do well in apartments.

Bulldogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Whippets, Shih Tzus, Shiba Inus, Scottish Deerhounds, and Doberman Pinschers are among other quiet breeds.


Many dogs aren’t prone to howling, however, some breeds, namely the hounds, love it.

Despite this, you might be able to get your dog to howl with you unless it’s a Basenji since they can’t physically howl.

Dogs who howl with their owners do so for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they enjoy bonding with their human parents and enjoy a good howl. 

Howling is not a favorite of some dogs, so they do it when they are anxious. Consider this if you notice it occurring in your pet.

The best thing to do in that situation is to discourage the howling, show a lot of love and attention, and try to work out what’s causing the anxiety.

Your pup shouldn’t be discouraged if the noise doesn’t bother you and it’s howling along happily.

However, if you (or your neighbors) prefer a quieter environment, you can deter the howling or look for a dog of a quieter breed.

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Why Do Dogs Howl When You Howl? (Watch Video)

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